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Contemporary flowers for creative spaces

Amazing Varieties
Flowers to suit your style


We created FlowerBe to be different from other flower companies and this is how…

Blank Canvas

Unusual and varied flowers, designed to work together beautifully

From 20+ years of experience in creating sensational flower combinations with amazing varieties, every month we create a unique palette of seasonal flowers – some unknown, some with a twist, some just simply beautiful.

New combinations every month.

Tall Short & Classic

You choose your style and view your orders in advance

From our monthly stems we create three selections for you to choose from:
The Tall, The Short and The Everyday.
Each will have a different impact. Choose as many as you like to suit your home and plans during the month.

Your style, your choice.


A monthly magazine packed with content

Interior collaborators provide inspiration for styling. Floristry artisanship by in-house specialists to help hone your skills. Accessible flower knowledge from genuine experts to enhance your appreciation. Sensational photography and guides to provide creative expression.

A unique and inspirational experience in every box.


FlowerBe is a membership with you at the centre

Our Portal, free to members, allows you to easily take complete control of your orders and deliveries. We provide membership benefits that include engaging content, special offers and a growing community for lovers of flowers and interiors.

Convenient and rewarding.

Pete and Emma

Find the flowers that suit you best

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