Corporate – FlowerBe

Unique, custom-branded, personalised flower boxes are the perfect thank you for clients, employees and colleagues.


How do we add-value to your organisation?

Multiple studies have proven the positive effect of flowers on our wellbeing. Whether we receive them as a gift, or have them in our homes or workspace, flowers have an undeniable positive effect. Further studies have made direct links between doing something creative and a sense of pride, joy and happiness. Above all else, flowers simply make you smile. So much more than an unexpected treat. Check out our Corporate Gift Box brochure for more details.

Use branded flower boxes to show thanks...

Each delivery is unique and inspiring. Our flowers and foliage are wellness focussed, highly scented, arriving in combinations that change regularly. We grow fresh botanical herbs on our flower farm, all boxes are carefully packed by hand, arriving loose and un-arranged to inspire creativity, simple flower learning and joy. A refreshing and exciting change from the run-of-the-mill corporate gift, which really shows gratitude or an unforgettable welcome or congratulations. See our Corporate Gift Box brochure for more details.

Start with a trial and unique, branded samples?

We are delighted to offer free samples and customise our service to suit your organisation, brand, message and achieve what you are looking for. Contact us, and we will connect you with our dedicated account manager to gather all the details required to create and send a perfect, custom-branded, free sample and look to run a trial with you. This will delight your clients, customers, members, employees or whichever stakeholder you are looking to please over and above their  expectations!