Your Christmas Table

In each of our selections this month we have provided ingredients that can be used to create beautiful table centrepieces and placements for Christmas dining. Your festive feast deserves it!

Market Special

The best thing about Christmas is it is your one chance to really go for it, and our Market Special is packed with some lovely and unusual detailing.


Start by making a pine runner for your table. Cut side shoots off your large pine branch and snake these down the centre of the table. Arrange cinnamon sticks, either as singles or bundled, and pine cones in amongst the foliage. Next, place the golden apples and stars within the arrangement. The aim is to create depth and height along the length of your centrepiece. Finish the centrepiece with a fine dusting of Reindeer moss. Candlelight adds to the festive atmosphere – natural spacing between the pine allows for masses of tea light votives as well as tall candle sticks.

You can mimic the same effect on a mantelpiece or sideboard. One branch from the Christmas tree does the trick, add some ivy or holly from the garden, raid the Christmas shopping stash for nuts of all sizes, satsumas and crab apples. Apply the same method as you would to the table, finish off with candles and you will have two beautiful, natural and festive arrangements


Tall Selection

At full length, the majestic white Amaryllis ‘Mont Blanc’ is a classic tall arrangement for your hall table or kitchen island. But if you are feeling adventurous and have more of a table-scape in mind, then place three short arrangements along the centre of your table. Take the plunge with the Amaryllis and attempt the unexpected by cutting the stems down to about 15cm. Small stout cylinder vases suit this design. Place a single flower head in each vase and edge with some eucalyptus and cut side-shoots from your Christmas tree. The grey and green tones work beautifully with the white.


Short Selection

Some of us are more understated or frankly don’t have the time to create a detailed table setting for Christmas. The beautiful ‘Red Princess’ tulip suits a contemporary and confidently simple table. Place two tulip heads in narrow-necked vases, and repeat the pairings down the centre of the table. Add small jars or vases along the length of the table with lots of tea lights and candles at different heights. Bright little flashes of red amongst candlelight and glassware is all you need to set the scene for a wonderful Christmas lunch.

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