Tile Tips From Tile Specialist Alex


Check out how we styled and paired our stand-out Azulejos inspired ceramics below using tiles from Original Style and Ten by Ten. Our tile supplier Alex has also provided some useful tips to ensure that you choose the correct tiles for you and your interiors.


 Tile featured: Original Style ‘Fantasia’

In this shot we have paired a dark bud ceramic vase with two stems of the beautiful ‘White Sky’ Dianthus to create a soft, muted colour scheme that could complement most interiors.


Tile featured: Essentially Tiles ‘Edwardian Light Grey’

In this shot we have paired a beautiful white single bud vase with a single stem Gerbera with ‘Edwardian Light Grey’ tiles as a backdrop. The tiles perfectly compliment the simple vase and Gerbera stem.


Tile featured: Odessey Grande ‘Bolero’

In this shot, we have taken a more vivid approach when styling our vases and tiles to create an eye-catching display. We have used ‘Bolero’ tiles as a beautiful backdrop that perfectly complement the frothy aster stems with the dark navy vase.


In this shot we have used a fun, eye-catching gluggle fish vase. Sometimes it’s a good idea to let the vase do the talking! We have paired this vase with a bunch of Aster while using these repeated pattern tiles as the backdrop to truly let the vase speak for itself!

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