October’s Theme: Opposites Attract

This month we are exploring the idea of contrast. Black and white in a single flower, light and dark, smooth lines and texture. We are particularly taken with the very a la mode combination of shades of pink and blue.

Time was when pink and blue in interiors were limited to children’s rooms and rarely schemed together. But these colours have now come of age and the pairing of sweet with sensational is a powerful colour trend for 2017. 

While blue conveys importance, power and elegance and is a sophisticated stand-in for black, pink represents friendship, affection and harmony. When put together successfully they show that interior colour schemes and collective tastes have both come a long way.

Pale and duskier tones of pink (as opposed to stomach-wrenching Pepto Bismol) are the perfect foil to dark-blue-almost black hues, and this palette can then be brightened by lighter shades of blue or warm white.


Petite Millbrook by The Cast Iron Bath Company,

Panelling: Sinner No.238,

Bath: Floris No.27, Mylands Paint.

Farrow & Ball colours: Cinder Rose, Stiffkey Blue, Black Blue

Marrakech Design: Raval ‘Riereta’ tile by

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