Mother's Day made easy for Dads!

Our Founders Lisa and Sean are both parents to fully understand the pressures of Mothers day.

 Lisa explains why she created the coveted FlowerBe Creative Flowerbox! March is of course the month of mothers!

We have some fantastic premium flower gifts from children of all ages to surprise their mother's and make them feel incredibly special on their big day and Dads… don't worry, we’ve made this really easy for you!


Selecting Mother's Day flowers is one of my favourite tasks of the year. Not just because of all the beautiful Spring flowers that become available, but also because I am a mother myself. I really look forward to being spoilt, surprised but most of all made to feel special. 

There have been some really good and also some really bad years. I think it was when my husband reminded me of one of the bad years - Mussel-gate as it's known in our family, that a little idea started to form.

There is literally no point in my husband giving me flowers - he did once? they were those amazingly ugly dyed ones - bright blue carnations which you can only find at an Esso garage. But that's not the reason he doesn't try.  It's mainly because I'm surrounded by beautiful flowers every day.  So I am one of the lucky ones. 



The problem every father has on Mother's Day is that it's the day when he really needs to shine. It's a lot of pressure being the facilitator on this very sentimental day. If your children aren't bank account age, it's all on you. Forget Valentines, this is the big one. Help!  



So this Mother's Day I think I have solved the problem. I can make Dad's look good, they might even actually get to enjoy making their wives happy instead of dreading it, and I can make mothers like me feel really special too.



My simple solution is the FlowerBe Creative Flower Box. Everything a child needs to create the most thoughtful, meaningful, cute, memorable Mother's Day gift.



Not only does our Flower Box contain gorgeous, unusual luxury flowers that she will love, it comes with craft wrapping paper for the children to create their own love messages and drawings before they wrap the flowers. We've included a bag full of pens, pencils, ribbons and washi tape to get decorating, as well as a super simple how-to guide for wrapping a flower gift. We've topped it off with a Mother Tucker Embroidery limited edition Mother's Day card!



It's a Dad's Mother's Day slam dunk really. All in one box. I think, take them to the pub, let them colour away while you relax. Invite some guys around with their kids and let them get creating while you watch the rugby. You've earned it. This one is an absolute cert. It cannot fail. I might even tell my husband about it, he deserves an easy win too? ...sometimes ;)





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