May: Cementing Your Own Style


Creating a cohesive look in your home is an important way of uniting your style around the many areas and rooms in your house. It can be a daunting task but its actually very simple. 

Knowing what you love and sticking to that style throughout your home is the best way of adding your own personality: it is your home at the end of the day and it should reflect who you are. 

As I grew up in the Middle East, I am naturally drawn to Arabian textiles and objects, and I have filled my home with the treasures that Ive collected over the years; rugs, cushions and floor seating are used in the living areas, while Arabian baskets, bowls and vases adorn the kitchen space – uniting the areas together in one personality.

Choosing a neutral background helps showcase your furniture, art and ornaments, creating interest without becoming too hectic. This way colour can be added into each room differently (either in the art on your walls or a rug on the floor) keeping an individuality while still allowing the rooms to be connected.

Buying for V I V + B O has cemented my style even more as I am naturally drawn to a neutral and laid back look, which is what I created here in the shoot with flower be.

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