May: Borrowed Landscapes


Setting your outdoor table

 Using the borrowed landscape always adds interest and keeps within my neutral, laid back style. I always bring something in from the garden to display in different rooms in the house throughout the year; now, in the Spring, I’m using the apple blossom from the orchard and it perfectly complements the flowers and foliage from flowerbe.

Styling a table is an extension of the style of your home. For me, I keep to my laid-back, neutral look as I have here in the orchard. The neutral linen tablecloth and wooden plates, are complemented by the white ceramic bowls and recycled glass vases. Using clear cut glass tumblers and wine glasses keeps things uncluttered, while the antique silver cutlery and vintage crochet mats and napkins bring a further richness to the style. Overall, the style is simple and natural, but still luxurious and inviting.

It was a joy working with Lisa and all the glorious flowers she brought with her – It’s such wonderful, creative experience that I can’t wait to do again.


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