June: Introducing Tin Tin


For June, we decided to mirror this month’s London Festival of Architecture by exploring the notion of ‘identity’ and the importance of emphasising your personality throughout the space you call home.


Our show-stopping start to the summer is a collaboration with local structural glass architect, Tin Tin, whose personality-filled home with its stark graffiti and rich textures provided an amazing backdrop to this month’s flowers.

Structural Glass Architect, Tin Tin, sat down with FlowerBe to discuss what art and creativity means to him.

‘Art for me epitomises creativity! It’s an expression of an emotional state. I enjoy having the inspirations of others surrounding me as it motivates and enthuses me. As an architectural designer, but most importantly as a designer, generically I feed off life’s and nature’s creativity.The art in our home helps me be that creative individual. Nature itself is an even greater inspiration as can be seen in the variety of plants, shrubs, trees, mosses, fungi etc that surround us locally and globally. And FlowerBe is an expression of that ethos.’

From exploring Tin Tin’s home, it is evident that he has an entirely unique personality, and one that he does not shy away from when styling his surroundings. Tin Tin is passionate about his interests, from snowboarding to abstract art, and it was a joy seeing him be creative with FlowerBe’s June flowers and interpret the monthly selections to suit the vivid and unusual spaces he has designed.


We thoroughly enjoyed styling our flowers throughout Tin Tin’s home, particularly against the many abstract paintings and the large graffiti wall in his garden – this contrasted well with this month’s star flower – ‘Coral Sunset’ Peony. Tin Tin said, ‘While I maintain a natural masculine identity, I’m still not afraid to express the effeminate side of my persona. The graffiti is a mix of the two, as the above imagery is commonly masculine yet the colour more often than not is effeminate.’

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with Tin Tin by following him on Instagram @69tintin and with FlowerBe @flowerbepeople.

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