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The new year is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings, so we kick off 2019 with the help of three wonderful collaborators: style blogger, Lauren Crowe; interior stylist, Laura Higham and photographer Minky Luard.

Minky Luard is a mother of four, a photographer and the owner of Bohème, a luxury holiday let in Somerset. She has styled this month’s Short Selection. Continue reading to find out more about Minky and how she styled the Short Selection.




Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you got started!

A: “I worked for Damien Hirst for a number of years in the glory days and learned so much from his love of colour. Beforehand, I had been much more neutral but now love to blend natural pieces with a pop of colour! Our farmhouse interior is a multi-colour treasure trove juxtaposed with four feral children and plenty of animals but somehow it works and in amongst the madness, is a layer of calm but most of all fun.”


Q: What does Creativity mean to you?

A: “You have to not be precious about it, comfort is key. I am constantly moving furniture around and creating different vibes, alcoves of peace and quiet, but still in the hub of the family. To retreat and still be within but most of all, I love the whole house to set a scene wherever you are, even if it’s the downstairs loo!”




Q: How do you express yourself throughout your home?

A: “I am lucky to have lots of lovely artworks and I also used to be a photographer, so throughout the house are interesting original works or creative pieces I have put together. Again mixing up things, an old artwork against one of my children’s artworks keeps everything alive!”


Q: What are your thoughts on this month’s flowers?

A: “I love this months collection, they encompass the soft colours that Spring will bring. I love the different types and sizes, which work so well together and Hyacinths are a long time favourite of mine, so robust looking but such a divine fragrance, reminding my of my beloved Granny; small and stoic with an intoxicating perfume!”




Q: Do you have any style or interiors tips?

A: “This year I am trying to cull my house of clutter that comes with lots of little children and pealing back to what is real and beautiful. I wish I had just stuck to wooden toys as that timelessness adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a room. Less is certainly more is my 2019 motto and quality is what I am wanting to instil in my house and family rather than quantity in every walk of life. I am going to mix up the interior of our holiday let ‘Boheme’ to be a colourful take on hygge.”


Q: How did you style this month’s flowers?

A: “So much of the time I feel that flowers have a natural flow when you start to style them. I worked with the tall ones first and then the smaller flowers framed them and drew the blue out of the glass which pulled it altogether. I love glass vases but feel a beautiful jug and the ceramic texture works so well with the delicate flower world.”


Q: What are your goals for 2019?

A: “Nurture and nature will be my goals this year. To live a more conscious life and teach my children the same. My Christmas present was a kitchen garden, which I plan to fill with a myriad of veg and beautiful flowers and spend more time there feeling fortunate with life and how lucky we are”

We’d like to say a huge thank-you to Minky for collaborating with us this month! Don’t forget to check her out and keep up-to-date with her via Instagram and take a look at her beautiful property Boheme.

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