Fun facts about our April star flowers!

We’re well and truly embracing Spring here at FlowerBe! We’re loving the days of sunshine that heat up the soil for the lovely flowers to grow and we’re even enjoying the odd bit of rain (ok, a lot of rain) that’s watering those thirsty plants.

This month’s flower choices have been an absolute delight to work on, with so much variety we really are spoilt for choice!

Typically, we have a star flower of the month but this month we couldn’t decide on just one, so we went for two! - the blousy Hyacinth and the trusty Tulip.

There are many unique varieties that you don’t get to see in supermarkets and these are the ones we love to show you! Great examples include the frilly ‘Wedding Day’ Tulip, the double ‘Princess Irene’ and the wonderful Parrott Tulips, simply scrummy!

As the FlowerBe flower nerd, I thought I’d share with you some interesting facts about our two star flowers which may seem pointless but could come in handy at a pub quiz or a fun fact to share at a party or even to look sophisticated when you’re out and about enjoying the parks.

Hyacinths and tulips are both bulbs and will come back every year if planted in the garden. They’re available in a variety of colours and very easy to look after considering once you’ve planted them you literally don’t have to do anything to maintain them.

Did you know? Different colour Hyacinths each have an individual scent? Because of this, they’re used a lot within the fragrance industry.

Did you know? Tulips were once more valuable than gold and are even edible (although we would not recommend eating them at all). Parts of the Tulip have been known to be used ingredients in ‘Tulip bread’ but isn’t said to be the nicest to eat, it’s probably best to stick to your bloomers and sourdoughs.

Finally, once they go from ground to vase both the Hyacinth and Tulip will keep growing - so don’t be alarmed when they start to escape your vase, either cut again to keep short or enjoy their adventure! Both are best in a short opaque vase as they can give off sap that may cloud the water.

Whatever container/vase/bucket/jug you’re using to arrange and display your FlowerBe blooms in we’d love to see, so why not tag us on Instagram, Facebook or twitter @flowerbepeople or use the hashtag #flowerbe.

Embrace the creativity!

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