December Star Flower | Eucalyptus


Form: Linear

Colour: Grey-green

Length: Tall or Short

Season: AYR

Fragrance: Strong

An unlikely visual star, but there is nothing that beats the beautiful distinctive scent of Eucalyptus in a Christmas home.

This stem is an elegant grey-green foliage mixer. It appears across all selections this festive month adding fragrance, colour and form in equal measure.

Enjoy it for the next month; then remove it from your arrangements and remember to let it dry out over the coming weeks. Eucalyptus will hold both it’s form and colour. This gives you the perfect opportunity to hold on to it for a little longer in your New Year home.

Your stems should stay fresh in water for at least three weeks. The leaves will become dry and brittle once dry, so remember to handle with care if you decide to move a dried arrangement into different positions.


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