Create a pressed flower display!

One of our favourite ways to make the most out of our Botanical Posy is to press the flowers and display them in our simple Iron Hanging Photo Frame. It’s the perfect way to frame and preserve your flowers; creating a long lasting beautiful memory.
To decorate your frame, pick your flatter headed flowers such as the Limonium, Chrysanthemum and Waxflower and cut just behind the head of the flower. Place your flower heads in the frame and create your desired layout.
Once you’re happy, close and secure your frame! If your flower heads are too big for the frame to close, simply place an elastic band around the frame to close it, this allows the flowers to dry out a little for a day or so. You should be able to close your frame securely and remove the elastic.
If you’d like to include the whole flower stem in your frame, cut the flower to your desired length and ensure you have removed any leaves from the stem before you press.

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