April: Scented Experience



We asked Alice for some insight into her scent pairings and what would work in different room s around the home. Some wise words and great suggestions from our collaboration this month.

“Scent is a very personal experience. We all identify with scent in different ways. It’s such a powerful sense, evoking strong memories and feelings. The marriage between flowers and candles can work in perfect harmony and you can play around with scent layering depending on your mood or the season. Beautiful flowers bring life to your home all year round and it is always fun to enhance the scent with candles, reed diffusers or rooms sprays”


Starting in the kitchen, we combined Alice’s favourite flowers from our April Selection with her scent pairing for a kitchen counter setting.   Roses, Eucalyptus and Tuberose are paired with candle scent Basil and Bergamot. 

Citrus scents also work well in the kitchen, try a grapefruit scent for light freshness. 


Bedroom Sense

Lavender works really well with chamomile, eucalyptus and rosemary. These are also calming scents, showing the perfect way to combine different floral blooms and scents. Alice also likes to enhance guest bedrooms with scent pairings “It’s always lovely to spoil your guests and make them feel relaxed and welcome. I recommend having a neutral and warming fig scent to blend in with the flowers and interiors”.


In the sitting room or living rooms:

I like to have different strengths and sizes of candles to add different layers of fragrance”.  Evening settings need a different scent from a daytime experience. For the day go for light and refreshing –  White Rose & Eucalyptus work well with these flowers. Transform for the evening with more sultry scents,  Jasmine & Ylang Ylang.

Everybody’s favourite room – the bathroom

If you want to set the bathroom for a really relaxing soak, Alice recommends using a warming and calming fragrance, such as Amber and sandalwood. These rich earthy tones mix well with the heady tuberose and soft scented Sweet William.

We so enjoyed working with Alice this month. With the arrival of spring we have more scented seasonal varieties available and it’s the perfect challenge to find scented combinations in the cut flowers available. Some flowers will always overpower others and at different times in the life of an arrangement.  It was a real treat combining our floral scents with the wider range of scents available out there in candle or diffuser form. We both really enjoyed breaking down the flowers into the different scent note combinations and pairing scent for the different rooms in the apartment”.

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