April: Heaven Scent



In anticipation of early spring and the fresh scents and sightings it brings, we shook off the winter chill and decided to dedicate ourselves this month to everything scented. 


We always assume flowers have fragrance, but often commercial flowers are bred for longevity, and losing their perfume is a sad bi-product of the process. Luckily, this is not always the case. This month your box is filled with a carefully selected scent journey, allowing you to have 

fun creating your own fragrant combinations to enrich your home. 

With scent in mind we thought we’d pick the brains of scent expert Alice Malcolm Green from Wick & Tallow. Your flowers add one layer of fragrance but combining these will scented candles can take it to another level!

We shot this month’s flowers in a show apartment at Arlington Lofts, a beautiful new development in Camden, North London. The apartments, created by Fabrica, with interior design by Darling Associates.  It was the  perfect contemporary setting to showcase  how flowers and scents can enhance your interior environment. 

FlowerBe’s scented April flowers include:

The Tall: Tuberose ‘Pink Sapphir’, Delphinium ‘Donna, Oriental lily ‘Pico’, Iris ‘White Magic’,  Rose ‘Fifth Avenue’, Ginster and Eucalyptus.

The Short: Hyacinth ‘Sky Jacket’, Tuberose ‘Pink Sapphir’, Freesia ‘Ambassador, mixed Sweet Williams, Ginster and Eucalyptus.

The Market Special includes stems from both Tall and Short selections and fresh from the market floor.

Our star flower this month is the Tuberose. Its unmistakable heady fragrance hits you straight away; scenting your arrangement before the other stems in your selection open.

Here’s the scented flower and candle combinations for our three selections this month.


The Tall paired with……

Alice paired our  strong floral scents with white rose and eucalyptus candles as well as a peony and sweet pea scent for a  refreshing, light floral experience.  As Alice commented, “The floral notes of these candles enhance the notes in the arrangement. I like to have different strengths and sizes of candles to add different layers of fragrance”.


The Short paired with…..

The short selection displayed here in one of the bedrooms was paired with Lavender.  “This is a great choice for a bedroom as it’s calming and also holds it scent.  Lavender also works really well with chamomile, eucalyptus and rosemary. These are also calming scents, so great for winding down.”


The Market Special paired with…..

For the dining table, Alice paired our flowers with the a scent of crushed berries and Moroccan mint tea fragrances. “It’s always nice to have fresh notes when dining and to ensure they are not too overpowering in a close environment”. 


All of Alice’s beautiful candles are available from Wick & Tallow Ltd.


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