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Our Story

Once upon a time

In the sepia-soaked 70s, a little girl loved spending her time in the vegetable and flower garden with her mother; whilst her little brother cooked up creative plans.

Be Inspired

A passion for flower and colour led the little girl to study Garden Design at the Chelsea Physic Garden and then Floristry after that.

  Meanwhile, a passion for marketing led the little brother to business school and to travelling the world being inspired by great brands.

Family Business

Growing up in a garden full of unusual flowers, their mother encouraged them to pick, experiment and express their creativity.

They were free to explore their own styles, dream up crazy creations and develop a deep understanding and love for all things food and floral.

Flower Power

From designing small London gardens to hundreds of weddings and being resident florist at the Principality Stadium – stunning, unusual, wonderful flower combinations is what Lisa, FlowerBe's creative heart, does best.

But don’t take our word for it – look at some of the events she has designed for…

The FlowerBe Recipe

So, what happens when you mix Lisa’s flower power with Sean’s 20+ years of marketing and brand experience around the world…

A year and a half of start-up testing, designing, building, listening, talking and arguing (only sometimes - as brothers and sisters can) created a recipe for the perfect flower service,  FlowerBe. FlowerBe is the first flower brand to put you and your space at the centre of the story.


There are literally thousands of varieties of flowers out there, but sadly you’re not likely to see them on the high street.

There are fewer florists, hardly any markets, and supermarkets dominate the industry with mass-produced, low-priced, machine-arranged flowers (yes, machines really do arrange flowers!).

So, this means that all flowers look the same in every shop. You get home, ‘plonk’ them in a vase and that’s it. Slightly underwhelming. 

We think there should be more to the experience of bringing flowers into your home: allowing you to express yourself and style your home through the seasons.

We want you to discover the joy, art and creativity of flowers without the fear! We bring you the whole essence of taking time and experiencing what it is like to create something beautiful, something unique and something to be proud of.

FlowerBe sends seasonal flowers into your home, teaches you about them, and walks you through creating your own unique arrangement, and that’s why we don’t do arrangements. We give you the tools in a box – loose and un-arranged – with some great ideas and inspiration, but essentially, it’s your home, your style, your experience.

Nature does the blooming, we do the choosing, but you get to do the best bit.

Enjoy! Sean and Li