Meet the Maker

Matthew Jones Ceramics

We're so honoured to have been able to collaborate with Matthew Jones on our recent Botanical Posy and Ceramic Vase Duo launch, a partnership we have been so excited to reveal to you all.

We wanted to find a British ceramicist who was passionate about creating beautiful, high-quality and timeless pieces and Matt and his creations fit the bill perfectly and lucky for us, he's just round the corner!

We'd like to introduce Matt to you all, so carry on reading to find out more about Matthew Jones and his stunning creations.

The creator

Meet Matt

Matt's philosophy

“It is freedom that is the mother of all creativity. The great variety and variation found in miscellaneous things is an accurate reflection of this fact. Contrived artificiality does not produce such variety, but rather shackles it. The moment everything is left in the hands of nature is the astonishing moment when creativity begins. Contrived technique can not give rise to that feeling of freedom; neither can it give birth to such variation. This is not a meaningless cycle not mere duplication. Each piece is the beginning of a new world fresh and vivid.”