Grow Your Own Plant Gift Ideas

Gift indoor plants, seedballs and scented flower bulbs.

The gift that keeps on giving

Delight a loved one with the opportunity to care for a beautiful indoor plant or grow scented flowers from seed or bulb. These really are the perfect gifts to put a smile on their face all year round. Complete with a handwritten gift note to add your own personal touch.

Micro Aloe Plant Gift Set



Love Heart Plant gift Set



Asparagus Fern Gift Set



Pick your own micro plant



Money Tree Plant Gift Set



Micro Plant Subscription

Introducing our Micro Plant Subscription, the perfect treat for any plant lover or newbie to the plant world! Each month, you or the recipient will receive a lovely Succulent, Aloe or indoor plant that can be perfectly situated on your windowsill, desk or bedside table.

3 Month



6 Month



12 Month





planting up your workspace

Whether you’re working from home or in a large busy office, there’s always room to green up your space with a little bit of nature! 

If your green thumb is non-existent, why not go for a Succulent, Aloe or Cactus (these are included in our plant subscription – season dependent). These are super easy to look after and slow growing so don’t need to be re-potted very often and can offer lovely flowers. The easiest way to kill these is by overwatering so forgetting about them isn’t a bad thing!   

If you’re looking for something to purify the air around you, we suggest you go for a Peace Lily, Snake Plant or an English Ivy. All of these are also low-maintenance and simply need to be watered so they don’t dry out. Keep them out of direct sunlight. These are bigger than the Cacti or Succulents, so space will need to be considered with these.  

When it comes to picking decorative pots for your plant babies, think of the colour and texture making sure to compliment your space and not conflict with it. Hannah, our resident flower nerd, and florist loves a textured pot with interesting shapes such as our Cactus pot  whereas Molly our Digital Content Manager loves the midnight blue pot which really makes the leaf colour pop. 

If you want to create more of a focal of your living office accessories, why not group your plants together in odd numbers of 3s or 5s, giving each plant a different pot or create one large design with every plant to match sitting on our wooden trays (link)  

When picking what size pot you need for your plant, we recommend adding on 1cm. For example, if you have a 9cm plant pot go for a 10cm decorative pot. Place some stones in the base of the pot to help keep the roots out of any standing water.

Pot Sizes