All about the Peony!


From little to large the profound Peony is an all-time favourite with so many people and it’s easy to see why! Some consider it a crime how short the Peony season is so here at FlowerBe, we are fully embracing the season by bringing you some of the best varieties from the amazing ‘Coral Charm’ Peony which changes colour as it ages and the ‘Ivory Victory’ which has such a beautiful elegance.

Native to Asia, Southern Europe and western north America. When in bud, Peonies don’t look very impressive however when they bloom, some varieties have been known to reach 10 inches in diameter! Peonies attracts ants and those ants aid in the opening of the flower by eating the sap on the closed bud. Once the sap is gone the then peony blooms!

For those of you a little peckish, did you know that Peony petals are edible? We don’t recommend eating the Peonies we’ve included in your subscription box, but peony petals have been known in China to be parboiled and sweetened for consumption in summer salads or as garnished for punches and lemonades. Just imagine those frills in your pink lemonade!

Those of you who enjoy gardening may want to consider the Peony as a long-lasting garden staple. Planted in optimum conditions peonies have been known to outlive humans to be 100 years old.

We hope you enjoy these beauties as much as we do! Why not keep us posted on your Peony transformation by tagging us on Instagram @flowerbepeople.


Hannah, the flower nerd @ FlowerBe

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