July: Introducing Rachel From The Ordinary Lovely


This month, FlowerBe has collaborated with lifestyle blogger, Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely for our ‘Get Creative’ series. We sat down with Rachel to find our what creativity means to her and how she styles her home.


Q: What does creativity mean to you?

 A: “Having spent most of my career working in finance and communications in a structured corporate environment, I never used to consider myself to be particularly creative. I never really had to be. After having children, I quickly realised that true happiness (for me, anyway) wasn’t to be found in spreadsheets and I started writing and taking photographs and working on little craft projects with the children and felt so much more fulfilled. I started my blog to as a way to document all the lovely things we were doing as a family and keep my brain ticking over while I was on maternity leave, and I now write and take photographs and work on little craft projects for different companies, too. So I’d that that ultimately, for me, creativity means being happy. And getting to work and have it not feel like work. It’s a joy!” 


Q: How do you express your identity/personality throughout your home? 

A: “I love colour. Being surrounded by colourful things makes me so happy. So, while the walls in my home are painted white, all of the accessories – the cushions, the prints, the paintings, even the children’s toys – are a rainbow of colours. The white walls serve as a perfect backdrop for all of our brighter items. Walking in to a room and very quickly finding something to smile about is so important to me … and fun for my two little boys, too.” 


Q: How do you incorporate FlowerBe’s flowers throughout your home? 

A: “I’m not a huge fan of a standout single bouquet of flowers and much prefer to have little posies or single stems dotted around the rooms. I’ve collected lots of little vases, jars and even water jugs over the years and I use FlowerBe’s stems as an excuse to bring them all out and pop them in lots of different corners in the house – on the coffee table, the bookcase, the home bar, the dining table, next to our bed, etc. It’s surprising how far one box stretches.” 

Q: What are your thoughts on this month’s flowers? 

A: “Despite loving colourful things, I’ve never been the biggest fan of sunflowers.  However, I’ve been totally converted by this month’s flower selection. The sun flowers are the perfect embodiment of the glorious weather we’ve been having lately. It’s like having a little bit of the sun’s rays in your home.” 


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