How to create a Poppy seed bomb...

In our boxes this month is a surprise stem... the Poppy seed head!

This week's blog post tells you all about how to create your own Poppy seed bomb!

How to make a Poppy seed bomb!

You will need:

Seeds from your dried seed head
Peat free compost
Powdered Clay from a craft shop
A mixing bowl

Creating your seed bombs:

In a bowl, add;
1/2 a cup of seeds
2 1/2 cups of compost
1 1/2 cups of powdered clay

Slowly add your water and work with your hands until everything sticks together.

Then, roll your mixture into 5cm balls.

Leave your seed balls to dry in a  sunny dry spot.

Now... for the fun bit!

It's now time to throw your seed balls into a garden or any spot that you think needs brightening up!

Nature will now do her work, Just jeep a look out for what might appear in about 6 weeks time! 

 Image by Sara Dent

Let us know how you get on creating your poppy seed head bomb and don't forget to tag us in any pictures @flowerbepeople.

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