Tips on how to arrange your FlowerBe Botanical Posy

We’ve included the basics for arranging your FlowerBe Botanical Posy. Of course, you don’t need to follow our guides as it’s all about creating something you love!
P.s. We recommend pairing your posy with our Leaf Botanical Vase!




So many of our customers choose to pair their Posy with our perfectly shaped Leaf Botanical Vase. Or choose your own favourite container. This could be a mug, jam jar or a spent candle glass. Always ensure your vase is clean. To prepare your flowers, simply snip the ends off the stems at a 45 degree angle before arranging. No flower food needed!
The seasonal ingredients of our botanical posies tend to change weekly and we often include a range of different seasonal stems. This means that no posy you send or receive will be the same. You can however categorise your flowers as each stem has a purpose in the overall design.


STAR: Cornflower, Craspedia, Ornithogalum, Dianthus
SUPPORT: Narcissus, Scabious seedhead, Statice Limonium
FILLER: Limonium, Waxflower, Chrysanthemum, Stallion, Mint
FOLIAGE: Rosemary, Pittosporum, Eucalyptus


Begin your arrangement by placing your Filler stems and Foliage stems evenly throughout your vase. Add your Support stems in the empty spaces to add texture and colour to your arrangement.
Finish off by placing your Star flower, which will hold its position with the help of your other stems. Adjust your arrangement by gently pulling your stems into place to create your overall outline shape.


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