FlowerBe Easter Celebration Wreath


How to create an FlowerBe Easter Wreath from garden foliage.

With detailing from Emily Dawe. 

You will need:

Evergreen foliage stems

These work best as they will keep their colour for longer – this can be a shrub, soft tree branches or ivy.

best bets and  readily available in the garden or local park:

Bay tree – soft branches (fragrant)

Rosemary (fragrant)

Buxus or box – usually used for topiary hedging


Viburnum tinus


tree Ivy


Mossing Wire

This can be ordered online or bought in your local Florist sundries shop. 

Take a look around your garden or local park. Choose an evergreen you like the leaf shape of and crop branches. We have created a wreath out of on type of evergreen but a mixed wreath is also textually beautiful.


Step One:

Cut your stems into equal lengths.



Step Two:

Bunch together three or four pieces of foliage and using your mossing wire, bind these together. Don’t cut your wire!



Step Three:

Overlap your next bunch of foliage and continue winding your wire around this to secure to your base bunch of foliage. 


Step Four:

Keep adding and binding foliage. Test the size you are achieving by joining the two ends together. Once you have the size you want, complete your circle by tying the ends together.



Step Five:

Remember you are working with irregular stems. This might mean that you need to tuck additional stems into your already bound wreath to complete the shape. Feel free to clip here and there if you like things looking perfect!



Step Six:

Leave it plain if you wish, or have a little fun by tucking some spring tulips and flowering branches in amongst you secure stems. 



Step Seven:

Hang your wreath off an existing picture hook in a focal part of your room. 

Its hung here above the mantlepiece and finished with a temporary collage. Emily used decorative eggs, bunnies and tiny detailing to create a pretty Easter scene

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