Create an autumnal foraged wreath with our flower nerd, Strizz!

This summer, we hosted two ‘Create your own foraged wreath’ workshops in conjunction with NotOnTheHighstreet at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival. Following the success of these workshops, we decided to share how we create our own foraged wreath but a supersize version! So you can create your own beautiful autumnal wreath at home.

The joy of creating your own foraged wreath is that you can have the freedom of choosing the size of your design and what you put on it! It's also a great way of bringing nature into your home.


Time to go outdoors!

In order to create your autumnal wreath, you need to head outdoors and forage! Try and keep an eye out for the following materials that we have used to create our wreath.


For the base:

Try and keep a look out for a mixture of branched (it's great to include a variety of colours, shapes and sizes). Ensure you have some bendy branches, we recommend using Birch as this is what we used to help create our base.

Branches with berries or small fruits such as crabapples would be lovely additions to your wreath as well as cones and catkins.  

 For the decoration:

Finally, look for flowers or seedheads that will dry nicely. For our wreath we've added stems of Hydrangea which dry beautifully. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure what dries nicely, you can always remove stems and replace with fresh ones. 


Step one: Creating your base

As we’re super sizing our traditional foraged wreath, we’ve used a hoola hoop wrapped in straw to create a strong base for our Birch to hold onto.

We then took twine and tied it to the base. To add the branches, take a cluster of your softer sticks (we used fresh birch). Hold them to your base and wrap the twine around twice, pulling tightly to secure in place. 


Repeat this step the whole way around your base, moving your clusters down the base as you go, so that the finer ends of the branches cover where you tied your previous cluster.

Once you get the whole way around your hoop. Tie off and step one is done!


Step two: 

It’s time to add your larger branches, we’ve used Willow and Cornus. Take your branches and thread them into the base - to ensure they are secure, you can use the twine that’s already wrapped around for this. Now, weave the branches around the base and your thinner branches to strengthen your wreath. 

Tip: If there are branches sticking out too far, then simply trim to your desired length. Don’t worry about removing leaves, as these will dry and drop off. 

Step 3:
Add your flowers and seed heads

Now comes the finishing touch of adding your flowers and seed heads. Group and space them around your wreath to give a natural feel. 

We finished ours by adding a stem of Crabapple through the centre. 

There is no need to spray your wreath with water as you want it to dry naturally.




Your wreath can be displayed wherever your heart desires as it can be kept inside or outside! If you fancy trying this at home without the need to go foraging yourself, why not treat yourself to our Scented Botanical Wreath Kit for just £26.95.


If you try this at home, don't forget to tag us @flowerbepeople on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - we'd love to see what you create! 




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    The Christmas Wreath is gorgeous – simple, elegant and natural

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    This is beautiful. x

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