Create the ultimate Bath experience!


Self-care is incredibly important and learning to properly unwind after a long day (or week!) at work or looking after the kids is key to keeping your stress levels at bay. At FlowerBe, one of our favourite ways to unwind and escape the distractions of our everyday lives is by having the ultimate bath.

Having a bath is the perfect opportunity to completely indulge in self-care and we’re going to tell you the steps you can take to create the ultimate bath experience!

It’s important to create the perfect ambiance to have a ‘spa’ like experience but not everyone relaxes in the same way. To create some ambiance, why not light a few candles around your bath/bathroom – we love Diptique or Jo Malone candles but for a more purse-friendly option, we recommend picking up some Primark candles!

Music also helps to create the perfect atmosphere, if you relax to music - pop on your favourite playlist or find a relaxing one on Spotify/YouTube, but if silence is your thing then go ahead. Our favourites: Relax & Unwind, Calming Instrumental Covers & Peaceful Piano.


If you’re extremely busy and struggle to find time for yourself, having a bath might be the perfect opportunity for you to catch-up on your favourite Netflix show. Or why not treat yourself to your favourite magazine or even start reading that book you’ve always been meaning to read but haven’t quite found the right time to start it?

If you’d like to fully indulge, it might be worth investing in a bath caddy or tray to keep your favourite bath oils, skincare or even your favourite beverage or snack close to you while you relax – nothing worse than having to quickly jump out of your bath to quickly grab your products from the other side of the bathroom. Our favourites: DunelmEtsy or Amazon.


Next, it’s time to run your bath, not everyone likes the same products or has the same needs. Many of us love to go all out with the bubbles and use the most fragrant and sparkly bath bomb or bumble bar from LUSH or you may want to be more subtle and use a simple bath oil to moisturise or soothe your muscles with some bath salts.

However, our favourite way to run our bath is by using the FlowerBe Botanical Posy as a botanical bath infusion! All you need to do is, simply tie the ends of your posy together with string, tie the posy to your bath tap and allow the hot water to run over your flowers and allow the essential oils and scent to infuse!



If you’re going to go all out, you may as well fully indulge in all your favourite skincare products. We recommend using a face mask that targets your skin needs, whether that’s for acne, dry skin or dull skin. Lush have an amazing selection of natural face masks (our favourite is Rosy Cheeks!) or if you’re a big fan of sheet masks then we recommend Rael Beauty sheet masks which are so gentle and perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.

Now you have everything you need, simply sit back and relax! When you’re ready to emerge from your bath tub, dry yourself with your fluffiest towel or dressing gown. It’s also important to carry on caring for your skin after you’ve left the bath, so why not apply your favourite body oil or moisturiser. We recommend Sanctuary Spa Sleep Relaxing Night Body Butter to help you get a perfect night’s sleep!


Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you do or use to create the ultimate bath experience or if you’ve used our Botanical Posy as a bath infusion, don’t forget to tag us in pic @flowerbepeople.


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    Looks fab!

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    Omg so cute

  • Annabel Greaves

    Some great ideas

  • louise lumsden

    I would never have thought of doing this but I really love the idea, I normally just use bubble bath

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    Looks gorgeous and so relaxing!

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