Why this flower company doesn’t want you to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day


At FlowerBe, our mission is to revolutionise how you appreciate and buy flowers…just not on Valentine’s Day.

Why: Simply put you’re being ripped off and your loved one knows it.

The cost of flowers is more than three times what you would normally pay. On top of that, you have no control on quality – roses might have been refrigerated for days in advance.

To conform, florists have to charge ridiculously over-inflated prices or change the quality of what we provide – neither of which we are willing to do.

We deliver part experience/ part creativity/ part learning but at the centre of our offer is quality – without great flowers, we are nothing.

This is not to say we don’t appreciate Valentine’s – you can’t be in the flower business without being a romantic – but it’s become a day retailers win and the romantics loose.

Our answer: Don’t but on Valentines. We offer a free gift starter kit and card to give on the day. Then, for less than the cost of a dozen red roses in many retailers on Valentines, we deliver 3 months of perfect flowers for the price of 2.

Flower Person