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Contemporary flowers for creative spaces

Unusual and varied flowers designed to work together beautifully

Choose from a range of delivery options across our curated flower boxes.


We make it super simple to start


Step 1

Choose 1 of our 4 distinct styles, these are curated each and every month by our founder, Lisa.

Step 2

Receive your delivery every month or once a fortnight. If you’re looking to send FlowerBe as a gift, choose the one-off option.

Step 3

Decide the date for your first order, add to your basket and checkout. Simple!


Our Flowers

Our 4 Selections change every month.

Learn more about this month’s flowers by selecting one of the options below.


Neutral Space

Seasonal stems in muted and natural tones. 

For single vases or creative accents. 

Up to 60cm.


Colourful Place

Seasonal stems in vibrant colour combinations. 

For single vases or creative accents. 

Up to 60cm.



Shared Space

A wide variety of stems to work together or in multiples.

Enjoy at home or make work feel like home.

Up to 90cm.


Everyone’s Place

An eye-watering abundance of varied stems.

Fill your home or make a serious statement! 

Up to 90cm




Pages of Inspiration delivered each month with your arrangements.


We create a beautiful monthly magazine packed with interesting, inspiring & useful stuff.

Interior design experts to provide style inspiration.

Floristry advice from in-house specialists to help home your skills.

Accessible flower knowledge from industry experts to enhance your appreciation.

Sensational photography and guides to provide creative expression.

A unique and inspirational experience in every box.


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