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September | Shop The Look

    This month, we were lucky enough to shoot our Get Creative in the beautiful home of one of our clients, Nicola. Nicola had many eclectic and interesting home decor and furnishings that were a perfect backdrop to Get Creative. Below is a ‘shop the look’ to help you recreate the aesthetic of our […]

Tile tips from tile specialist Alex

Check out how we styled and paired our stand-out Azulejos inspired ceramics below using tiles from Original Style and Ten by Ten. Our tile supplier Alex has also provided some useful tips to ensure that you choose the correct tiles for you and your interiors.     Tile featured: Original Style ‘Fantasia’ In this shot […]

Ceramic Notes | Azulejos

This August, we have continued our fascination with Azulejos tilework and have drawn direct inspiration for our flowers from the simplicity and elegance from the traditional blue and white tile designs.    Typically, Azulejos tiles are decorated in a sophisticated colour palette of blue and white but can appear in green and yellow shades too. […]

July Flowers: Introducing Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely

This month, FlowerBe has collaborated with lifestyle blogger, Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely for our ‘Get Creative’ series. We sat down with Rachel to find our what creativity means to her and how she styles her home.     Q: What does creativity mean to you?   A: “Having spent most of my career working […]

June Flowers: Introducing Tin Tin

For June, we decided to mirror this month’s London Festival of Architecture by exploring the notion of ‘identity’ and the importance of emphasising your personality throughout the space you call home.     Our show-stopping start to the summer is a collaboration with local structural glass architect, Tin Tin, whose personality-filled home with its stark graffiti and […]

May: Borrowed Landscapes

Setting your outdoor table   Using the borrowed landscape always adds interest and keeps within my neutral, laid back style. I always bring something in from the garden to display in different rooms in the house throughout the year; now, in the Spring, I’m using the apple blossom from the orchard and it perfectly complements […]

May: Cementing Your Own Style

Creating a cohesive look in your home is an important way of uniting your style around the many areas and rooms in your house. It can be a daunting task but its actually very simple.   Knowing what you love and sticking to that style throughout your home is the best way of adding your […]

April: Scented Experience

A FRAGRANT JOURNEY THROUGH THE HOME: FLOWERBE AND ALICE MALCOLM GREEN CREATE A SCENTED EXPERIENCE We asked Alice for some insight into her scent pairings and what would work in different room s around the home. Some wise words and great suggestions from our collaboration this month. “Scent is a very personal experience. We all […]

April: Heaven Scent

MALCOLM GREEN OF WICK & TALLOW WAX SMITHS PAIRS SCENTED CANDLES WITH OUR APRIL SELECTION In anticipation of early spring and the fresh scents and sightings it brings, we shook off the winter chill and decided to dedicate ourselves this month to everything scented.                    We always […]

March: FlowerBe Easter Wreath

How to create an FlowerBe Easter Wreath from garden foliage. With detailing from Emily Dawe. You will need: Evergreen foliage stems these work best as they will keep their colour for longer – this can be a shrub, soft tree branches or ivy. best bets and  readily available in the garden or local park: Bay […]

March: Mothers Day & Afternoon Tea

FLOWERBE AND EMILY DAWE CREATE AN ECLECTIC AND MAGICAL SCENE In celebration of Mother’s Day and Easter this March, FlowerBe collaborated with stylist and craft designer Emily Dawe to create a magical setting using flowers and homemade crafts, taking inspiration from nature and the arrival of Spring. Our March flowers have been selected for their […]


Indulge Yourself

Shop ‘The Ultimate Night In’ Our edit of accessories to create a special night at home, for the bar, bath and beyond… 01. Romance Vase Collection From £3.50 Graham and Green 02. Cushion Small Vase ‘Amethyst’ £25.00 Dartington 03. Sara Miller Grapefruit, Tonca and Yuzu Scented Candle £25.00 John Lewis 04. Flower Bottle ‘Anemone’ £45.00 […]