December: Introducing Fawn Interiors Studio


This month, FlowerBe has collaborated with interior designers, Tamsin and Robert Allen from Fawn Interiors Studio for our ‘Get Creative’ series. We sat down with Tamsin to find our what creativity means to her and how she styles her home using FlowerBe flowers.


Q: Why did you begin Fawn Interiors Studio?

 A: “We’ve always loved refurbing our own spaces, and did some property development when we lived in London. And we’re both creatives (Robert is a photographer and I was an art director) so it was a really natural thought process when we were considering what to do next (we always like to keep ourselves challenged). When we moved to Hampshire in 2014 we noticed there was a gap in the market for country interiors with a bit of urban edge, so we decided to go for it!” 


Q: What does creativity mean to you?

A: “Creativity is all around us and within us. We believe in seeking beauty and inspiration from everything that surrounds us, which allows us to express ourselves in a very instinctive and natural way.” 


Q: How do you express your personality flowers throughout your home? 

A: “We love collecting pieces from our travels and displaying beautiful books that inspire us. We also love reflecting the countryside that surrounds us - a great way to do that is through flowers and greenery.” 


Q: What are your thoughts on this month’s flowers? 

A: “What we love most about FlowerBe is how well curated the flowers and colours are each month - this really helps us keep our decor looking rejuvenated and relevant to the season. Working with amaryllis, eucalyptus and berries was a dream. They are all our favourite flowers, very seasonal but still unique and uncliched. And most importantly, the scent is divine.” 



Q: What are your interior styling tips? 

A: “Christmas is a time for excess so don’t be afraid to layer and layer. Use small cuttings of eucalyptus and tie around your napkins, create a central table feature with candles and fir, and use flowers wherever you can - they really do have the power to transform a space.” 


Find out how Tamsin got creative with our beautiful December flowers here. Don’t forget to check out & follow Tamsin from Fawn Interiors Studio on their websiteFacebook and Instagram!

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