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about-us-2There are literally thousands of varieties of flowers out there but sadly you’re not likely to see them on the high street. There are fewer florists, hardly any markets, and supermarkets dominate the industry with mass-produced, low-priced, machine-arranged flowers.

The flowers all look the same, in every store. You get home, ‘plonk’ them in a vase and that’s it.

We think there should be more to the experience of bringing flowers into your home: allowing you to express yourself; styling your home with the seasons.

We want you to rediscover the joy, art and creativity of flowers, the whole essence of taking time and experiencing what it is like to create something beautiful, something unique and something to be proud of.

FlowerBe is the idea of bringing together seasonal flowers and inspirational interiors, learning about flowers and artful arranging. As much as there is not one type of rose or dahlia, one shade of blue or one design of chair, there is no single way of enjoying and expressing flowers in your own home.

That’s why we don’t do arrangements. We give you the tools in a box – loose and un-arranged – with some great ideas and inspiration, but essentially, it’s your home, your style, your experience.

We do the designing, nature does the blooming, but you get to do the best bit.


Sean and Li

The People at FlowerBe

(Anytime you want to speak to us directly, email thepeople@flowerbe.co.uk)

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